Getting a Tattoo Removed In Fort Worth TX

Let’s face it, we all have parts of our pasts that we would like to erase, and for millions of Americans, this includes body ink. In fact, according to the latest report released by the American Society for Aesthetics Plastic Surgery ( ASAPS), tattoo removal is on the rise. With more than 45,000 tattoo removal procedures being performed in a year, the tattoo removal industry is growing at such a rate that it’s now consistent with the overall tattoo industry.

Consequently, the technology behind laser tattoo removal surgery is also becoming more reliable and safer due to improved technology and techniques. Whereas 5 years ago you would have a hard time removing blue and/or green ink from your skin, today, these are the easiest colors to get rid of. So whether you need to get rid of a tat because of an interview, a breakup or just a change in taste, know that you are not alone and that there are safe ways to go about it and where ever you are in the country a great place to look is the Tattoo Removal Directory

Why Get Your Tattoo Removed?

People seek tattoo removal in Fort Worth for a variety of reasons, according to a recent survey carried out by Syneron-Candela, top reasons for tattoo removal include;

– Artist did poor artwork

– Tattoo is limiting acceptance to jobs or military

Tattoo was done as a joke or when drunk

– You don’t want your children to see it

– Tattoo is an ex’s name

– You are tired of having limited clothing options

– Tattoo has faded over time

– Attitude towards the meaning of the tattoo have changed

What is The Best Method For Tattoo Removal?

If you are ready to remove your tattoo, there is good and bad news. The bad news is that tattoos are meant to be permanent. This means that even state-of-the-art removal methods may not work for you; your chances of success hugely depend on your skin color and the tattoo’s color and size. The good news however, is that you don’t have to undergo extremely painful and potentially skin-damaging tattoo removal techniques like salabrasion where a salt solution is rubbed in to the skin, heated then scraped away. Instead, you have two options for removing your tattoo;

  1. i) Cream-based Ointments- works by exfoliating the layer of skin that is inked so that new skin cells without ink pigmentation can be regenerated. However, various critics have claimed that such products do not work effectively.
  2. ii) Laser Tattoo Removal Surgery- This is a procedure that uses high intensity lasers to break and lighten pigment colors with each treatment. Many people have cited this method as effective with the only downside being that it may take several treatments to fully get rid of the tattoo.

Still, despite there being safe and reliable methods of tattoo removal, please keep in mind that there are an awful lot of people who claim to offer tattoo removal services but don’t know what they are doing. If you want to find the best tattoo removal fort worth tx specialist, you must be willing to do your homework. More often than not, the best way to find a reputable clinic is to ask someone who has personally undergone the procedure. However, you could also visit a number of tattoo parlors to get recommendations from the tattoo artists.

 Posted by Daniel Cook at 1:42 am